To provide resources to SILCs across the nation and promote collaboration with their partners to advance IL values.


To provide education and offer peer sharing on the roles and responsibilities of Statewide Independent Living Councils and to encourage networking opportunities with various national partners. The association will also offer a unified voice of Statewide Independent Living Councils for the independent living movement.


Accessibility for all, inclusion for all, Independent Living for all.

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Our Story:

NASILC’s Butterfly Story

The process of turning the SILC Congress “event” into an actual organization has definitely been a learning process!  Most people probably think that SILC Congress was just an annual conference, and a relatively small one, that happened and nothing more.  But in the past 3 years a shift has happened and the committee that put the conference together had started to take on more and more throughout the year. From being asked to sit on National panels as a representative of SILC Congress to being asked to send formal letters on IL Issues to the feds, we noticed that the SILC Congress was taking on a bigger role than just a yearly conference.  The committee started having conversations with different SILC staff or board members and then brought the idea of being an actual organization to the SILC Congress 2019 attendees.  Good, honest discussion pursued and while not unanimous, the overwhelming majority decided this was to happen.  NASILC was born, and like any fledgling organization we have had some growing pains!  Do we have all the answers, NO, absolutely not, but we are working on it and moving forward.

In a world post WIOA, SILCs need to find our own way and find our place, and SILCs around the nation need a place to go where we can talk with each other and learn from each other.  Our hope is to create a valuable resource, in one specific place, where SILCs know to turn whether they be brand new Directors or board members, or veterans who are dealing with something for the first time.  SILCs are so specific and it just seemed like the right time to have our own association.

What are NASILCs goals?? The first and biggest goal was to provide structure to SILC Congress as an organization versus an event and eliminate the liabilities and risks that had been assumed by members of the Executive Committee and the SILC’s they work for.  Future goals include looking at what types of information can be pulled together to help SILCs, what you wish you knew as a new SILC staff or board member, or maybe a forum for SILC related questions, or a survey on what kind of funds SILCs get across the nation, and so much more. We hope to work and partner with other national IL organizations and be an asset to them, we are not looking to deflect from them or take membership away from anyone.   We see the strength and value in cultivating and utilizing national partnerships AND we see the value in a SILC specific organization.  And of course to continue to put on and be innovative with the SILC Congress which truly is our cornerstone resource!

NASILC will utilize the Regional Representatives to assist with forward movement of being a resource and in gathering information and feedback from the SILCs in their region on what the needs are. Time will be used at SILC Congress for discussion and feedback on how to propel the association into the future.  We look forward to what the future holds for SILCs, and what benefits NASILC will bring to not only SILCs but the IL Network of the nation.  Check our website out at www.NASILC.org for updated conference and resource information.

If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies ~ Unknown